About the Song

Neotokio3's ...... (Drag on Dragoon) is a Song inspired by action role playing game Drakengard 3 released in Japan as Drag-On Dragoon 3 (Japanese: ドラッグ オン ドラグーン3 | Doraggu on doragūn 3?, commonly abbreviated as DOD3), published by: Square Enix, Directed by Taro Yoko and written by Sawako Natori. The Game was first released in Japan in December 2013 as a Playstation 3 exclusiv.

after finishing Drag on Dragoon 3 we just felt: wow this whole thing is so cool we just have to pay tribute to it and so we did what we did, wrote what we wrote, recorded what we recorded, produced what we produced and out came: Neotokio3's Drag on Dragoon 3 - Like Zero & Mikhail. The Song is mainly about: doing your thing no matter...

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Like Zero & Mikhail

we were so heavily inspired by the strange and yet so uniquely beautiful bond between Mikhail and Zero. The dynamic of their friendship, the whole concept of it.

In a way Our Song is like a Theme Song to their Friendship. Zero & Mikhail's theme if you will. It has the aggressiveness and in your face vibe of Zero but also the innocence and purity of Mikhail. like listening to it you'll find stuff that defines them as individuals and stuff that defines their relationship however there is one thing missing or at least reduced to a minimum in the song and that thing is: the sadness in their or of their story. it was more or less a creative choice we made. we thought about it and realized that so much of drakengard 3 is sad or at least...

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