About The Song

Neotokio3's ...... (Drag on Dragoon) is a Song inspired by action role playing game Drakengard 3 released in Japan as Drag-On Dragoon 3 (Japanese: ドラッグ オン ドラグーン3 | Doraggu on doragūn 3?, commonly abbreviated as DOD3), published by: Square Enix, Directed by Taro Yoko and written by Sawako Natori. The Game was first released in Japan in December 2013 as a Playstation 3 exclusiv. a

Drag on Dragoon 3 the Video Game caught us of guard....so of guard....like a viscous combo by a legendary intoner, slashing people with her sword, covering her dress with blood, slicing the shit out of each and everyone in her way, never giving a..... Fu**. It caught us of guard like the wing beat of a sacred dragon, spiting fire, setting the skies ablaze, hating wyverns with a passion... both bound to a rather tragic fate and yet one of them is so happy that she finally called him by his name. it caught use of guard like...ok enough of wacky poems now. This Game just flashed us endlessly, seriously from start to the final song in branch D and beyond. Playing it we couldn't believe what we were playing and how good this was...insane! it was the unique approach of telling a story that hasn't been told like that a million times before. It was the unusual twists, the dark humor, the artwork, the characters, the sound, the direction almost every aspect about it. we really loved it and I mean *Mikhails voice* We really, really loved it.

Anyway, after finishing Drag on Dragoon 3 we just felt: wow this whole thing is so cool we just have to pay tribute to it and so we did what we did, wrote what we wrote, recorded what we recorded, produced what we produced and out came: Neotokio3's Drag on Dragoon 3 - Like Zero & Mikhail. The Song is mainly about: doing your thing no matter what people say or think about you and what your trying to accomplish, it's about following your heart, being yourself and going all in. it's about being strong and confident. reach for the stars, shoot 4 the moon not given a shit about anything or anyone who's telling you, you can't do it. the song is supposed to motivate and encourage. now how the heck did a game with such a story and characters inspire us to write a song about those things? well the answer is simple: to us Drakengard 3 is exactly that. what? doing your thing and not giving a shit. why? because it just is. rules don't seem to exist with this game and so we tried to make a song that kind of transports that feeling. Also we were heavily inspired by the strange and yet so uniquely beautiful bond between Mikhail and Zero. The dynamic of their friendship, the whole concept of it.

In a way Our Song is like a Theme Song to their Friendship. Zero & Mikhail's theme if you will. It has the aggressiveness and in your face vibe of Zero but also the innocence and purity of Mikhail. like listening to it you'll find stuff that defines them as individuals and stuff that defines their relationship however there is one thing missing or at least reduced to a minimum in the song and that thing is: the sadness in their or of their story. it was more or less a creative choice we made. we thought about it and realized that so much of drakengard 3 is sad or at least far away from happy that if we where to take all of that into a song it would've just a be...a ode of pain? meh you got enough of that on the OST or in the actual game and heck why would we? its not the their drama that inspired us the most. it was all the little things on their journey to the Drama.

So Yes, it's true the message or portions of the song's message might not be directly tied to the actions or even the mindset of Zero & Mikhail but then again, taking a look at DOD3, the story, Zero & Mikhail from a different perspective or even from upside-down [Artwork - hint! hello?] in a way it is...somewhere, somehow, surprisingly nailing it..... fuck it, whatever, some will love it, others will hate it .... some rate Drakengard 3 a 4,8 which means almost unplayable while others think it's a pretty damn good game. Heck some even think that it's by far one of the coolest games out there. that awesome that they even got inspired by it to write and produce a song to show how much they loved it :D ||| Piece & love, NT3.